Circuit of the Americas - 3fr photography

Circuit of the Americas

COTA is a difficult circuit for me. It's undoubtedly wonderful to drive and to watch on TV but my own experiences as a spectator have been less than stellar. To give just one example, no outside food or drink is allowed and you will be searched and anything you have will be confiscated. That's not too bad in itself but, do it on a day when none of the concessions are open, and you have a situation where I am watching racing for 6 hours in October and can't get even a cup of coffee. 

Photographically it is equally challenging. If you watch on TV you might notice a footbridge with people crowded at both ends. That's because it is pretty much the only place from which to get an unobstructed view of the track.

In spite of all this you should still go - it's a wonderful facility - but set your expectations accordingly.

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